Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How far is Mormon Lake Lodge from Flagstaff?
A: Mormon Lake Lodge is a scenic 30-minute drive south of Flagstaff.

Q: Is Mormon Lake Lodge open all year?
A: The Mormon Lake Lodge cabins are open year-round. Hours of operation vary by season, please call for current hours.

Q: What happened to the lake?
A: Due to the drought that Arizona has been in our lake has unfortunately dried up. However a lot of the locals say “save your boats and oars boys the lake will rise again".

Q: How long has the Lake been dry?
A: Rewrite: Documents suggest the lake was dry in 1882, but it refilled in 1994. Since then, the lake has only been dry about 15 years.

Q: Could the lake ever fill back up?
A: Yes, it most certainly could. We need a very decent winter and monsoon season and the lake could start refilling. (Keep hoping for moisture!)

Q: How did Mormon Lake Lodge get its name? 
A: Mormon Lake itself was founded by Mormon Sheepherders hence the Mormon Lake part. Mormon Lake was originally called Tombler’s Lodge and then changed to match the surrounding area.

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