Your Next Event at Mormon Lake Lodge

Your Next Event at Mormon Lake Lodge

Whenever I’m looking to plan a special event, I always like to start with something that will be unique and a lasting memory for the guests and everyone involved. You’ve got to be a little creative if you want to grab everyone’s attention; after all, your guests have probably been to countless events before. If you’re looking for that “wow” factor for your next event, it’s hard to go wrong with an outdoor setting filled with forest scenery, great amenities and mild temperatures year around. I find that the best way to enjoy a special event is to diverge from your regular routine that involves technology and work overload, and places like Mormon Lake Lodge offer just that. The fresh air combined the great outdoors and rustic nostalgia might just give you what you’re looking for in a memorable event.


Your wedding is something that you’ll want to remember for years to come, so I’m sure you’ll want be involved in every aspect of its planning. What’s great about the staff at Mormon Lake Lodge is that they let your creativity run wild by giving you the reigns to plan your perfect day. Leave it to Lodge Manager Leigh Gold to guide you and provide support in organizing all the details; everything to how the venue looks, food and beverage setup and even some tips on how to gracefully walk down the aisle. One of the many perks of having your wedding here is while typical wedding venues might give you 24 hours to decorate the venue, Mormon Lake Lodge may be able to accommodate you up to three days before your wedding, giving you plenty of time to make sure everything looks exactly right. With your really can’t beat customer service as great as this!

Events and Retreats

Disconnecting from technology while you’re out in the wilderness is one of the best ways to promote bonding, whether it’s with your coworkers, retreat team or friends and family. All that fresh air and change of scenery really gets your creative juices flowing you know, that’s why places like Mormon Lake Lodge are well equipped to host any event you might have in mind. This town is a one stop shop with all the amenities you need for a great getaway. They’ve got all the lodging, food, fuel, venue space and recreation you might need to plan your stay and give everyone in your party that memorable experience they’ve been looking for. Check out a full list of amenities on the Mormon Lake Lodge website, including info about cabins, rec activities and wildlife in the area.

Start Planning Today

Ready to mount up and start planning your memorable event? You can give Mormon Lake Lodge a call at (928) 354-2227 to plan out your visit as well as speak to one of the reservation specialist who can lend some advice about your visit to the property. Also, visit them online for all the latest news on the lodge including seasonL activities and upcoming events. You can also get social with them on their official Facebook and Twitter page, they love to talk.