​Mormon Lake: 5 Family Activities to Do on a Cabin Vacay

​Mormon Lake: 5 Family Activities to Do on a Cabin Vacay

Cabin vacations can be a lot of fun – especially if you plan your activities in advance. Whether you have little ones, teenagers or adult children, there’s something for all ages to enjoy in Mormon Lake and nearby Flagstaff. Here are five family friendly activities to enjoy during your next stay at Mormon Lake Lodge:

1. Horseback Riding

Button up your Wranglers and get ready to hop in the saddle. You and your crew can spend up to two hours on the trails sightseeing for miles through the beautiful Ponderosa Pine Forest. All levels of experience are welcome. Tours are available through October.

2. Hiking

There are plenty of easy trails nearby that offer gorgeous views of Mormon Lake’s pine forests. Enjoy the fresh air, exercise, and wildlife/bird watching in and around the woods. Challenge your kids to spot animals, and make a game of it! Ask our front desk for a map of the best sightseeing trails in the area.

3. Biking

If traveling by foot doesn’t appeal to you, rent a mountain bike for the day.

4. Fishing

At peak capacity, Mormon Lake is the largest natural lake in Arizona. If you visit after significant rainfall, fishing is a great option for the entire family. Bring your own fishing rods and bait to the lake, and be prepared to catch some trout. Whether the lake is full or not, it offers scenic views of wildlife and birds across the vast landscape.

5. Board Games

Winding down for the evening? Cozy up inside your cabin and play one of your favorite board games! Pack extra tabletop or card games, plus a few online options or tablets and smartphones so there’s plenty of entertainment for the night. Another fun game for the whole family is “Who am I?”, which can be played with just paper (or index cards), pens and tape.

Whether you’re planning on adventuring outside or spending most of the time indoors with family, Mormon Lake Lodge is the perfect place to plan your next family vacation. With a variety of cabins to choose from, you’re bound to find the right cabin that fits your family’s needs. What are you waiting for? Book your stay with us and start planning your activities today!