​4 Best Off-Roading Trails Near Flagstaff

​4 Best Off-Roading Trails Near Flagstaff

The area surrounding Flagstaff, Arizona, is an off-roader’s paradise. From scenic dirt roads to rough mountain climbs, there’s a trail suitable for any all-terrain vehicle. Whether you’re tackling steep hills in a Jeep Wrangler or catching some speed on a dirt bike, you’ll want to visit these popular trails near Mormon Lake Lodge.

Hutch Mountain (Easy)

Conveniently located just 30 minutes south of the Lodge, Hutch Mountain offers a relaxed drive through ponderosa pines. Ideal for families and beginners, the road is wide with intermittent “washboard” surfaces where the dirt forms natural ripples. If you’re looking for more challenging terrain, wander off onto rougher side roads and marked ATV trails.

Schultz Pass Road (Easy)

Another accessible choice for first-timers, Schultz Pass Road is a stunning off-road trail north of Flagstaff. Visitors can expect relatively flat ground with a few bumpy stretches. Once again, the marked side roads will increase the difficulty level of your ride.

Schnebly Hill Road (Moderate)

Schnebly Hill Road boasts a stunning backdrop of Sedona’s famous red rocks and the lush green forests east of the city. This 12-mile path can be completed in about one hour. Leave extra room in your schedule to stop and take pictures of the landscape that one reviewer said were “some of the most beautiful views [he’s] seen in [his] life.” It’s important to call the Coconino National Forest, Red Rock Ranger District at 928-203-7500 for trail conditions before setting out on this particular trek.

Cinder Hills OHV Area (Hard)

Up for a challenge? Cinder Hills OHV Area is located just northeast of Flagstaff, off Highway 89. The area offers multiple ATV trails varying from easy rolling hills to steep climbs (most notably its “Hundred Dollar Hill,” a 900-ft. height gain). A word of caution: Although the terrain appears to be loose sand, the rocky soil includes ancient volcano cinders that can damage paddle tires.

After you’ve finished your all-day adventure, head back to Mormon Lake Lodge to talk about your favorite trail over a delicious steak dinner. There’s no better time than now to begin planning your next off-road vacation at the Lodge. Call us at 928-354-2227 to make your reservation today.